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Bathroom Sets

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Bathroom Decor

Bath Sets to accessorise bathrooms at home and add a touch of elegance and utility. Choose from a collection of dispensers, holders, bath sets, organisers and more.
A bathroom is not just another place in the house. A bathroom is a place where one can de stress, relax and unwind. In the modern era, people are become more conscious about setting up a luxury bathroom space. A place as important as a washroom needs to therefore, be well organised, decluttered, clean and well kept. The key to a a good looking bathroom ambience is organizing the bath setting with the best bathroom accessories. Apart from dressing up the bathroom/ powder room / washroom / toilet, a good bathroom set also helps you to tidy up and reduce unnecessary products and waste. 
Typically a bathroom accessories set consists of a liquid soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a soap holder and a tumbler to keep shaving essentials. A soap dispenser with pump is not just used for keeping liquid soap or hand wash, one can also use it as a body wash dispenser, shampoo bottle or as a dispenser bottle for lotion. A toothbrush holder could either be a classic tumbler glass or a tumbler glass with sections to keep the toothbrush. A tumbler glass in the washroom is used as a mouthwash cup or for keeping bathroom essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and shaving kit essentials like a trimmer, razor and shaving cream. The soap holder is used for keeping the soap dish either in the bath setting or the washroom setting. Some bath accessories set also come with a jar or holder for cotton pads and Q-tips and a tissue box or tissue holder. Apart from the bath accessories, a laundry bag or a laundry basket is also an essential for organising the bathroom. A basket or a bag can be multipurpose - used as a laundry bag for keeping soiled clothes, a basket to store napkins and towels in the bathroom or a basket to organise toiletries and infrequently used bathroom items like bath salts, loofah etc. 
Accessories for bathroom may not always be functional, they can be good looking, modern and fancy as well. Home Hatch has a wide assortment of bathroom decor accessories that come in various colours, designs, patterns, are at best prices and also are elegant and functional. 
Bathroom accessories online shopping gets easier with Homehatch's bath and storage options. Buy bathroom accessories online buy mixing and matching from a range of bath accessories or simply pick a complete bathroom set. 
Types of bathroom accessories or bathroom decor at Homehatch
Colours - Housing a range of bright, pastel, subtle and loud colours. Pick a colour that suits your bathroom decor or bathroom curtains - black bath accessories, pink bath accessories, white bath accessories, yellow bath accessories, grey bath accessories, green bath accessories, metallic gold bath accessories or even silver bath accessories. You can choose from an arena of colours that match your bathroom or colours that contrast with your bath setting and create a pop. The laundry bags and laundry baskets are too available in various colours. 
Material and Design - Pick from a range of ceramic bathroom accessories available in designs like marble bathroom accessories set, stoneware bathroom accessories set, textured bathroom accessories set or patterned bathroom accessories set. 
The laundry bags and laundry baskets are made in sabai grass, cotton rope, wrought iron with cotton linen or in canvas with a PE lining. 
Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or classic look for your bathroom, modern bathroom accessories or simple bathroom accessories, Homehatch is you one stop platform to buy bathroom accessories online.
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